Freeman in Newport

The Story

The story is actually even weirder than the song. Buddy was standing in line for a hot dog like he does in S Deerfield when he wants ice cream (he runs a tab at Hillside farm stand) and some lady (probably the girlfriend of Pennywise the clown) called the cops. The cop didn’t want to bust buddy since it was obvious what was going on, that Buddy belonged to one of the baseball players playing down on the ball field, and he was minding his own business. But there is a leash law in Newport, NH so off to jail he went. There was another busted dog in the jail, his name was also Buddy, and they shared a cell. Whenever a cop walked by the cell, Buddy would howl (he gets cookies that way) and the other ‘Buddy’ eventually followed suit.  Buddy taught the other ‘Buddy’ to take control of his situation with some social engineering. The cops enjoyed it and when the game was over and there was no Buddy (he returns during the 7th inning, Hound dog clock) we just asked people at the hot dog stand where the police station was. We busted him out and the cops loved the act. Paul, the tall cop asked all kinds of questions about Buddy. There were 4 sweaty and sunburned baseball players and a local cop laughing our asses off out side the local cop station on a 90 degree July late afternoon.

 The Recording

I didn’t do much with the vocals, just one take, but the 25 second guitar solo in the middle was a bitch. The song itself is simple enough, Bad Company Shooting Star, 4 chord progressions and another different 4 chord progression for the solo and an intro figure, as you say. I got the organ sound by playing some of the chords after stepping on the Roland Synth pedal. That was kind of cool. So it’s basically two solo tracks with an intro and a solo part stuck into it. Buddy’s parts are recorded like the Beatles White Album with John dicking around with his tape decks and sound effects.

 I’ll be making some actual tracked recordings with an actual mix on the Tascam this winter as soon as I figure out how to use it.